Welcome - dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra - M.D. - Specialist in Radiology

Welcome - dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra - M.D. - Specialist in Radiology -     dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra

Here you can find all the information on my professional activity, contacts, interesting clinical cases and some presentations held in conferences and meetings.



Breast US - 'Back to the Basic or Back to the future?' - Prato Nov 24 2012

Shear Wave elastography in a cancer in dense breast - How to measure TNM?

Shear Wave elastography in a cancer in dense breast -  How to measure TNM? -     dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra

This is a clinical case of a breast cancer not visible at mammography and then detected by ultrasound and shear wave elastography.

This case shows how Bscan images understimates the extension of the primary cancer with a huge differences in dimensions as shown by shear wave elastography, especially  in the 3D study.

So it would be wise to check which is the most reliable technique to be used in the assignment of the correct dimension  of the 'T' parameter in TNM staging of breast cancer.


Vengono mostrate le immagini relative ad un caso clinico di cancro della mammella non visibile alla mammografia in un seno denso e ben dimostrato dall'ecografia.

L'elastografia Shear Wave con lo studio 3D documenta particolarmente bene che l'estensione del tumore primitivo come dimostrata con questa tecnica è di gran lunga superiore a quella rilevabile all'analisi B scan.

E' il caso di rivalutare come quantificare il parametro 'T' della stadiazione del cancro mammario.



Curriculum vitae of dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra


I was born in Agnone (Italy) on Jan 10 1954 and I live in Campobasso.

1) I graduated from the Florence’s University College of Medicine  in 1978.

2) I completed a fellowship in Radiology at Naple’s Second University College of Medicine in 1982.

3) Between 1978 and 1980 I completed a Radiotherapy Residency at Radioteraphy Institute of  Florence’s University College of Medicine.

4) Between second half of 1980 and 1993 I’ve worked in Radiology Department of Campobasso’s Hospital.

5) Since 1980 I do exclusively Diagnostic Radiology in all its fields (General Radiology, Ultrasound,Mammography, Bone densitometry, Dental Radiology, CT and MRI).

6) Since 1993 till now I’m free lance and I work in 3 Clinics and in 3 offices located in an area of about 100 miles in Center South of Italy (Campobasso, Isernia and Termoli).

7) I've attended several Congresses (SIRM, RSNA and ESR) and Courses  both in Italy (in mammography at  'Centro di Medicina Sociale' at Florence, in CT colonography at University of Pisa) and abroad (in Thoracic Radiology at University of California - Irvine with  Prof. Eric N.C. Milne, in MRI at Sintef in Trondheim - Norway, in Ecocolordoppler at Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield - New Jersey, in Neuroradiology at University of Glasgow

8) My main professional expertise is in Mammography and in Sonography. I did begin to use colordoppler and powerdoppler in 1992. Since 2008 I’ve gained much experience in Ultrasound Elastography, both Strain and Sheare Wave. I use it in the diagnosis of both focal and diffuse diseases in breast, thyroid, MSK, testis, prostate and liver.I was one of the speakers at :

a) 1st Italian Sono-Elastography Meeting in Pavia in May 29-30 2011 with a presentation on ‘Thiroid Elastography’

b) 2nd  Sono-Elastography International Meeting in Pavia Oct. 3-5 2012

c)  ‘Breast Ultrasound : Back to the basic or back to the future’ Nov. 24 2012 in Prato

d) 3d  Sono-Elastography International Meeting in Pavia Sept 30-Oct. 1 2013 .        

Then, since last August I've beginned a my own channel omn YouTube at the following link


    dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra

    dr. Antonio Pio Masciotra

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